DCLP Executive Committee

Chair: Joe Bishop-Henchman
Joe is an attorney and policy analyst who was elected to a 2-year term as DCLP Chair on June 19, 2018 by a vote of 115 to 1. As the 2018 Libertarian nominee for DC Attorney General, Joe received 14,941 votes, or 6.7% (and beating Donald Trump's 2016 DC vote total of 12,723). Under his chairmanship, DCLP has grown significantly, with Libertarian voter registration in the District rising over 50 percent from 1,122 to 1,723. Joe and his husband Ethan live in Eckington with their dog, Magic.

The Chair shall preside at all DCLP Executive Committee meetings and Conventions.



Vice-Chair of Communications: John Vaught LaBeaume
John Vaught LaBeaume is a libertarian political and media relations strategist in Washington, DC.

The Vice-Chair of Communications, who shall also concurrently have the title of Secretary, shall coordinate internal and external communications, record and maintain minutes of party meetings and conventions, and all non-financial records of the DCLP including but not limited to these bylaws and all committee reports. The Vice-Chair of Communications shall also follow all duties required by District of Columbia law, including filing a list of candidates for partisan public office, filing a certificate of existence at least annually (or after any change to the EC or bylaws), and certifying the nomination for President and Vice-President of the United States as selected by the Libertarian Party National Convention.




Vice-Chair of Finance & Compliance: (open)

The Vice-Chair of Finance & Compliance, who shall also concurrently have the title of Treasurer, shall maintain the DCLP's bank accounts, process FEC and OCF filings, deposit all revenues, and pay all bills. A formal Finance Report shall be presented annually, at the Convention. The DCLP's financial records shall be maintained in accordance with all applicable laws and Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP).




Vice Chair of Fundraising: (open)

The Vice-Chair of Fundraising shall coordinate fundraising activities, maintain fundraising records, and be a point of contact for donors.




Vice-Chair of Neighborhoods & Coalitions: (open)

The Vice-Chair of Neighborhoods & Coalitions shall coordinate the calendar of events in the District of Columbia where the DCLP or its candidates should be present, maintain contacts and awareness of key issues in DC’s neighborhoods and ANCs, and lead DCLP exhibiting and other activities at neighborhood and District-wide events.




Vice-Chair of Publicity: (open)

The Vice-Chair of Publicity shall design party outreach materials and coordinate DCLP get-out-the-vote efforts.




Vice-Chair of Recruitment & Retention: (open)

The Vice-Chair of Recruitment & Retention shall conduct outreach for new membership as well as ensuring current members stay involved, including sending out membership notices of meetings and conventions.