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2014 Libertarian Candidates

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Sara Jane Panfil for Congress

Sara Jane Panfil is a Columbia University graduate who now works in DC as a paralegal.
She is a resident of Ward 3 in DC.
You can contact Sara at . 

Bruce Majors for Mayor 2014


Bruce Majors is a DC realtor and was the Libertarian Party’s candidate for Delegate in 2012.
You can contact Bruce at

Ryan Sabot for Ward 3 DC City Council

Ryan Sabot for Ward 3

Ryan Sabot is a student at American University and is the Chairman of the DC Libertarian Party.
You can contact him at or

Pranav Badhwar for Ward 6 City Council

Pranav Badhwar for Ward 6 Councilmember

Pranav Badhwar is a father of two school-aged children and a decade-long resident of Capitol Hill.
He works as an operations consultant for a telecommunications company.
Read more about Pranav Badhwar here.
You can contact Pranav Badhwar at,
and follow him on Twitter at @Pranav4W6

Frederick Steiner for City Council at Large

Frederick Steiner works in IT and lives in Northeast in Ward 4. A new father, he has an MBA from George Mason University.
You can contact Frederick at

John Daniel for US Senator (Shadow)

John Daniel for United States Senator (Shadow)

John Daniel is a tech entrepreneur and Israeli immigrant who works and lives out of Logan Circle.  
Read more about John Daniel here.
You can contact John Daniel at

Martin Moulton for US Representative (Shadow)

Martin Moulton for US Representative

Martin Moulton, a Dartmouth graduate and avid cyclist, was a 2012 Ron Paul alternate delegate.
Moulton is an education advocate, a contributing writer to Greater Greater Education and Greater Greater Washington, who lives in the Shaw neighborhood.
Martin currently serves on the board of the Washington Area Bicyclist Association and has worked as a community outreach consultant for KIPP DC. For nearly a decade, Martin also worked as a mentor, certified DC Public Schools reading tutor and advocate with his neighborhood elementary school. 
Read more about Martin Moulton here.
You can contact Martin at or follow him on Twitter @ShawingtonTimes.

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